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OpenMedia accepts cryptocurrency!


OpenMedia is pleased to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin donations! We're excited by the decentralized, open-sourced potential of cryptourrency, and will be closely following developments in the community.

Please note that we'll do our best to support the emerging crypto economy, but we may convert some coins to CAD to fund ongoing expenses as needed. We can't provide receipts, and crypto donations to OpenMedia are not tax-deductible and non-reversible.

Bitcoin QR Code:

  • For Bitcoin donations, please send coins to 1HEPCbHQBNT7ibwyaUWwS8fxopHPn1LX3r or use the QR code
  • For Litecoin donations, please send coins to LWd4u2rN2xYVaU8kFAUUjVbij3i6qe5amw
  • For Dogecoin donations, please send coins to DApfurpbuwUTe5H8csoxQSvhEDYXPM7bFg


If you wish to donate to OpenMedia via more traditional methods, please visit the donations page.

The Bitcoin image is courtesy of Flickr user btckeychain.